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     My name is Roger Byrd...

Below is information about a remarkable new, extensively researched and extremely easy-to-use wellness technology capable of powerfully and positively affecting a truly astonishing variety of pain, aging and major other health issues. On other pages in this website (links in the upper left corner) are information about T'ai Chi and how I teach it, my background in Clinical Massage Therapy, my eventually successful experience with the extremely difficult pain condition RSDS/CRPS, and some thoughts on the depth and magic of mindful awareness.

LifeWave's new X39 patch is a profoundly  revolutionary new technology                          that can substantially help: 

  • rapidly reduce even resistant pain

  • improve overall health and vitality

  • better sports performance

  • promote deeper, longer sleep

  • enhance mental clarity

    and so much more...1

                         and does all this while putting absolutely no substance into the body!

GHK-Cu, a peptide naturally produced by the body, declines significantly with age. Researched for half a century (most recently using gene data), it’s now been shown to produce a wide range of profound health benefits when elevated, including activation of the body’s own stem cells!23 (You can find numerous independent research articles in professional, peer-reviewed medical and health-related journals concerning this particular peptide, by simply googling "GHK-Cu"  While many of these articles may be fairly technical, the introductory Abstract at the beginning of most of them should be at least partly understandable.)  But raising levels of GHK-Cu in the body has proven difficult.4

Bio-Resonator now offers Life-Wave’s exclusive patented and amazingly effective
phototherapy  patch  technology to do exactly this: safely elevate this peptide inside the body! This patch technology is:

Revolutionary: Vast numbers of chemical reactions are happening in our bodies every second. Each kind of chemical change also generates its own small, unique frequency wave like a tiny radio signal.5 Recent investigations reveal that the body is actually utilizing these highly specific signals as a part of its overall internal control systems. These signals flow most easily along acupuncture meridians, but they also radiate out from the body a tiny distance.6  

Amazingly Effective: Instead of putting chemicals into the body, this unique phototherapy technology responds to signals the body itself is already creating and utilizing. Precisely-tuned 1” patches placed on the skin (or even just close to it!) easily absorb some of these signals that are continuously radiating out from the body. Since they resonate with only very particular frequencies, the patches then reflect only these highly specific signals back into the body, frequencies the body itself is already utilizing. This extra signal strength then significantly boosts the actual body processes already linked to those particular signals.

Super-Safe: There are no wires, no magnets, no needles – nothing else!LifeWave has developed this new technology ... with the X39 patch, [for] production of the peptide GHK-Cu that turns on (activates) stem cells.”7 Elevating this particular peptide in the body will also up-regulate or down-regulate (depending on their benefit or interference with health) the expression of literally thousands of genes. This will significantly enhance the body’s ability to repair a wide range of tissue damage - whether from trauma or aging - and restore the body’s cells to a more youthful state.

Elevating GHK-Cu is a proven method to reset thousands of genes back to a younger, healthier state. The result is an unparalleled level of health and vitality.”8

Here are some other practical, real-world results from using this technology:9

  • improved wound healing

  • reductions in inflammation and free radical damage

  • Improved overall skin appearance

  • produced antiaging effects at a cellular level

  • reduced anxiety

  • repaired DNA damage and promoted DNA repair

More information concerning LifeWave’s X39 technology, other LifeWave patches, and the results listed here, can be found at: www.LifeWave.com/WellnessWorks. For extensive clinical research, click on “Products”, then “Science,” and scroll to the type of research you're interested in.

For more information, or - if in pain - to arrange for an experience of this technology’s dramatic pain-relieving effectiveness (often quite obvious in just a very few minutes), please contact me, Roger Byrd, BS in Ed, at rbyrd@bio-resonator.com or (828) 545-8735. Especially for those dealing with chronic pain, I completely understand their very appropriate skepticism, but respectfully encourage them to investigate this extremely safe and truly amazing technology anyway. I have had extensive experience with chronic pain myself, both by being wheelchair-bound for 3+ years with a serious pain condition, and by subsequently working specifically with people in pain for more than 11 years in two separate medical settings. I’ve been investigating this technology since 2005, have used it with more than 200 people with pain, and completed a comprehensive 8-week company training in its use. Your concerns and privacy are always respected.

Please note: these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Neither this information nor these patches are intended 

to diagnose, prevent, treat, mitigate, or cure any disease. Refer any health conditions to a qualified health care professional.

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